social transformation system

Barbara Holtmann

Complex Systems Design. Analysis and Decision making; Stakeholder Mapping; integration of Social, Economic and Infrastructural outcomes; facilitation of collaborative processes.
PhD in the Management of Technology and Innovation (Da Vinci 2010)
MM (Public and Development) (Wits 2003)
Board member, Women in Cities International (Montreal)

In the course of my work in research and policy at the CSIR from 2002 to 2010, and in the completion of my PhD in the Management of Technology and Innovation (Da Vinci 2010), I developed a systems model and methodology that enables clarity of purpose where there are many diverse stakeholder views and inputs into a particular setting. This home grown 100% South African process highlights issues essential to sustainability and provides a platform for more effective planning and goal setting. More


What it looks like when it’s fixed

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What it looks like when it's fixed

A case study in developing a systematic model
to transform a fragile social system

"Essential perspective for those in
government, civil society and business."

- Stanley Subramoney, Deputy CEO, PwC South Africa
While 'safety' and 'security' are often used interchangeably, English is one of the few languages that differentiates between them. In most languages, words from which security is a derivative confer a sameness to the concepts, yet in English 'security' refers to protection form a known or precieved threat or danger, while 'safety' describes a state in which less security in needed.